Silicis Mixuse

Silicis Mixuse
Istanbul, Turkey
salon - Alper Derinboğaz in collaboration with Ozan Özdilek and Can Tamirci
Deniz Üstem

The design brief combines three distinct functions on a massive scale in Ümraniye Istanbul. Silicis is a 150,000m2 mixed-use building combining work, living and shopping. The design strategy brings these functions together in a nature-like formation. The inside has a topography that is open to surprises and variation. The outside bears sharp edges to create an explicit interaction between the urban setting and the building.


The fragmented green topography composes a sustainable green space for users. The semi-courtyard setting creates a comfortable exterior on the residential side of the building. On a city scale, this mass is integrated intricately into urban life by creating various squares around the entrances.

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Museum of Istanbul
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