Salon Alper Derinboğaz
Emircan Öztürk, Baran Yıldız, Emre Taş,Oğuz Kağan Erge

Koleksiyon Mobilya


MUKO is a curated meta-space for uploaded individualities learning through the roots of our design instinct to speculate on the next 50 years of Koleksiyon Furniture.



In the era of singularity, we might fear algorithmic beings that deceptively resemble humankind. Conversely, our environment and we are rooted in certain coded either biological DNA or molecular structures. Founded on the duality of the singularity moment, MUKO proposes a new relationship between us and our potential new environments through the furniture concepts

The design museum provides this specific perspective on the future of our new environments and the furniture design by drawing inspiration from prehistoric civilizations that emerged in Anatolia. These early settlements, such as Çatalhöyük, had a unique relationship with furniture, which were not exactly independent set objects but rather integrated continues into the living space to serve various functions like dining, seating, and storage.

Natural materials, particularly earth formations, played a fundamental role in the design of these initial objects. However, over the course of design history, the relationship between architecture, furniture, and the connection between humans and nature underwent several transformations, often leading to a sense of detachment.

The museum’s intention is to provoke contemplation on the evolution of design, its historical underpinnings, and potential future trajectories. The experience offers two distinct museum journeys as “Actor” and “Visitor”. The scenes are structured around five thematic stages and their intersections, resembling episodes in design history.

MUKO serves as a reminder of our journey from the prehistoric past to now offering an alternative perspective to the future and also our digital presence through design.

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