Hub Micro Housing

Hub Micro Housing
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Istanbul, Turkey
Alper Derinbogaz in collabortion with Can Çinici
Melis Ekizce Can, Thibault Jalby, Ecem Çınar
Project Credits

Photography: Yerçekim, Büşra Yeltekin


This small housing project is located in Şişli district on the western side of Istanbul. In addition to four regular floors featuring units of varying sizes, the project includes a penthouse on the top floor and a retail space on the ground and basement floors.


Salon’s aim was to keep the overall size down to a human scale by emphasizing the horizontal slabs. The black painted recessed beams contrast with the white plaster-covered facades of each storey, creating a perception as though the storeys are hovering above each other and over the ground.


The different-sized living units and the penthouse could be planned easily with the rational structural and circulation system. The interiors of the flats are designed to create a calm and warm atmosphere, contrasting with the chaotic urban life outside. In addition to the warm color palette, wood and natural stone have been chosen as backdrop surfaces for black and white high-end furniture.

Kaunas Science Island
Hub Micro Housing
Museum of Istanbul
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