Regolith Campus

Regolith Campus
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Düzce, Trukey
Alper Derinbogaz
Demet Çekiç, Ozan Balcık, Ileana Balan, Seçkin Maden
Project Credits

Project Manager: Gül Ertekin
Consultants: Tarık Yaşar, Arzu Erdem


University Campus as a Part of the City and Nature. The future of Düzce University Konuralp Campus offers a configuration integrated with nature and the surrounding city. Paramount in our thoughts was echoing the unique quality of nature in the campus, while on the other hand bringing the energy of the city to public spaces. Instead of a one-way relationship, this configuration is planned as a campus / city / nature ecology, which consistently supports and develops one another. The existing configuration, with a highway-like internal road system and semi-organized plantation, gives the campus a somewhat undefined character. The architectural texture of the campus from different periods and styles disregards the existing topography and the continuity of nature.


Looking to improve the current situation, the valley connecting with the forest has been turned into a campus recreational zone, a green belt, and a circulation corridor between faculties and other functions. It is now a part of open space use. At the same time, the urban belt unites the functions that are open to the public and intertwines with the green belt.


The objective of the project is to make Düzce University Konuralp Campus adaptable to contemporary and new developments in terms of education and research spatial quality, while taking on a leading role as an exemplary campus, with its ecological and sustainable features. Levels with those of differing disciplines, the performance celebrates their transformation into a multi-level new media art work as an urban experience.

Kaunas Science Island
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