Augmented Structures V2.0

Augmented Structures V2.0
Istanbul, Turkey
Salon Alper Derinboğaz in collaboration with Refik Anadol

IKSV, Emre Arolat, Nil Aynalı, Özlem Yalım Özkaraoğlu, Salon2, Antilop, Can Buyukberber


Augmented Structures v2.0 as Distilled Urban Experience is a project by Refik Anadol and Alper Derinboğaz, which focuses on two dissimilar regions in Istanbul and displays the inner characteristics of which one is an urban texture inner-city center that has recently undergone a bottom-up transformation, and the other is a suburban region composed of gated communities. The project is based on soundscape and data mapping of the two regions, reveals invisible information about their context, and suggests an alternative way to understand the existence of the city through new media technologies.
The project combines disparate disciplines like sound, architecture and the visual arts, which influence one another to such a degree that it is impossible to separate them. While the project reexamines the world in visual and aesthetic terms, in its capacity as an “interdisciplinary transformation” project, it also questions the point where art and architecture stand today, and the point they might reach in the future.
The Augmented Structures series forces each discipline to alter its own “material” state; transforming sound into mathematics, mathematics into architecture, and architecture into a living structure, while presenting the viewer with a new media experience that is multi-layered, produces sound, and moves and breathes.
The team is diversified by sound designer Kerim Karaoğlu, and parametric designers Coşku Cinkılıç and Koray Bingöl.

Kaunas Science Island
Reflect Studio HQ
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