suckerPUNCH, 2011

suckerPUNCH, 2011

Alper Derinbogaz / Ceyhun Derinbogaz

suckerPUNCH: Describe your project.

Alper Derinbogaz +Ceyhun Derinbogaz: Gate_lab is a media space that can reconfigure itself in response to human stimuli. The ‘media space’ starts moving with or against you, to distort your speed thus creating a time wrap illusion. An interior LED screen is filtered twice to shape the light inside the space. The first layer is a white diffuser; the second layer is a parametrically patterned image of a forest visualized by linear cuts.

Beyond the existing Gate_lab interaction, it is an infrastructure for collaborative art. It is an evolving project. Gate’s behavior will be improving at certain periods to support the new forms of collective intelligence in a number of different fields including architecture, software and interaction design, gaming and more.

sP: What or who influenced this project?
aD+cD: Stargate Movie, Hitoshi Abe, Marcelyn Gow, Jason Payne, Branko Kolarevic.

sP: What are you reading/listening to/watching while developing this project?
aD+cD: Watching Tron, Game of Thrones, Listening: Daft Punk, Büyük Ev Ablukada.

sP: Whose work is currently on your radar?
aD+cD: Yusuke Obuchi, SigmaR&D, Refik Anadol, bittertang, allthatissolid

Additional credits:
Concept and Design: Alper Derinbogaz
Engineering: Ceyhun Derinbogaz
Parametric Modelling: Melis Eyuboglu
Pattern Script: Oguz Bal
Graphics: Candas Sisman/Ilgi Candar/Sena Izgi
Detail Design: Frederik de Smedt
Executive Producer: Nerdworking

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