Summer Houses

Summer Houses
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Bolayır, Turkey
Alper Derinbogaz
Gül Ertekin, Ahmet Unveren, Samim Magriso, Merve Dünya Güzel, Oğul Öztun
Project Credits

Client: Sinpaş


Bolayır Houses is a summer mass-housing project located in the district of Bolayır in Çanakkale, near the sea. The site covers 32,500m2 in total.
Bolayır is a town in Çanakkale Province’s Gelibolu district, situated on the Gallipoli Peninsula in the Marmara Region of Turkey. The settlement was formerly a village. This district is very popular in summer because of the predominant Mediterranean climate, and coasts featuring many coves and harbors.
Bolayır has not yet been discovered by tourism professionals or tourists, so it can preserve its village character. This area lies on a wrinkled landscape instead of the smooth topography typical of cities. For this reason, the Bolayır Summer Houses project utilizes a multiplicitous differentiated modularity approach, and forms a fragmented landscape of rooftops embracing the natural topography of the site.

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