Hernesaari Peninsula
Urban Design
Helsinki, Finland
Alper Derinboğaz in collaboration with Kivi Sotomaa

The ambition of the project was to use dynamic digital design techniques to produce new sensations of movement, and with them new feelings. The application of dynamic strategies creates a multiplicity of conditions and programmatic possibilities, at different scales and locations (where building meets water or landscape). The derivation of islands maximize edge conditions, and promotes an island-living experience, already a component of the Finnish culture.

The program of the islands functions like compressed cities as they detach from the urban continuity. The total land area 65 000 m2 including the waterfront boulevard and “the village” in the southern tip. A smearing of the form and urban fabric generates ambigious sensibilities and produces an effect related to diffusion like movement. The resulting topography can be experienced at 4 different speeds using the transportation systems, including a strong water transportation network.

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