CTHB Law Office by Salon Architects

CTHB Law Office by Salon Architects

Office Interior Reflects Open Values of Law Firm

Frame, 2013

Text – Enya Moore
Photos – Busra Yeltekin

Salon Architects has remodeled the interior of a modular office building in
Istanbul, Turkey. The architects transformed the repetitive office block into a
dynamic space. Focusing on ‘creating a tension between the linear and nonlinear’,
the design reflects the open, unbiased qualities of the law firm who are based
A streak of linear lighting runs the length of the corridor, reflecting the angular
shapes created on the office walls and floors, guiding visitors between service
spaces and meeting rooms. Details within the offices such as shelving and lamps
also share the jagged aesthetic, linking the somewhat, simpler inner spaces with
accents of the communal areas. The largely monochromatic color scheme is
given a touch of warmth with the use of wooden surfaces throughout.

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