Emotional States

Emotional States
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Istanbul, Turkey
Salon - Alper Derinbogaz
Thibault Jalby, Tevfik Saygın Özcan, Selami Gündüzeri, Melis Ekizce, Tugce Pinar, Ömer Kanıpak, Enise Burcu Derinboğaz
Project Credits

Curator: Ebru Yetişkin

In the past, emotions helped humans and animals survive and reproduce. However, they evolved and multiplied due to the complex problems of the modern world. Today, our brains are consciously blurred by politics, shopping and media. We cling to social media, hoping to ease our future anxiety. It is getting harder to concentrate, decide, accomplish, feel satisfied. As the flow of news, shocks, meta in our personal feeds speeds up, the scope for consciousness vanishes. The speed of this flow, speed of economy, does not correspond to the speed of our states of mind. This reveals itself in emotional responses. We all suffer from what we do not know, what we have missed out on.


Today, among the various states of emotions, HAPPINESS and LOVE have several characteristics in common. The essential question of the aim of life keeps revolving around these two strong states. So the question is… What makes people happy?


Time & Connection as the key concepts towards Happiness and Love. There is one thing that happiness and love have in common. Connection. Being connected to other people, being connected to animals, the environment, beliefs, values, the universe; in short, being connected to life! These emotions developed over Time.


19 DAYS OF EMOTIONAL STATES focuses on the time dimension of emotions. This simulates the duration of connections as the essence of what makes us human and socialize, using multiple-formation crystals.

Hub Micro Housing
Science Island
Museum of Istanbul
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