We won the German Design Award

09 / 02 / 2018

“This concept entails an intelligent interplay between a monumental and sculptural design aesthetic, whose solid-cement effect is only simulated, however. A magnificent concept featuring an impressive effect from a distance and amazing lightness close up.” German Design Award Jury Statement

Launched in 2012, The German Design Award is international prize of the German Design Council aiming to discover, present and honor unique design trends which are in their own way ground-breaking in the international design landscape. It is one of the most well-respected design competitions in the world and is held in high regard well beyond professional circles.

The number of participants in the Excellent Communications Design category exceeded 5,000 this year. Products and projects were submitted from 56 countries, with international submissions growing to 48% of all entries. The international jury, consisting of representatives of economy, science and design, worked hard to produce a selection of especially outstanding designs. In the competition’s 49 categories, a total of 45 gold prizes were awarded. Parkopera has been awarded German Design Award in the Excellent Communications Design, Architecture category.

Parkopera is a multi-purposed cultural facility uniting a neighbourhood with its surroundings through various happenings taking place in Park and Platform.

Parkopera hosts shows, concerts, and similar activities at certain hours of the day, and with its lounge, which is integrated with the PARK life throughout the day, the target is to host cultural events organized by those outside the institution and to make those events accessible to everyone on the neighbourhood scale. The hall has a busy schedule with its show center, studio and rehearsal rooms as an opera hall, and the lounge looking at the park, opens to the park life in harmony with the daily rhythm of life on the neighbourhood scale.

On the upper level of the foyer, the PLATFORM is used as an audience platform for different types of shows. The lodges attached to the PLATFORM, on the other hand have been designed as a mezzanine floor to serve either as a café, bookstore, bistro or for similar functions.

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