Construction of Istanbul City Museum has started

14 / 02 / 2018

Designed by Alper Derinbogaz and established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Museum of Istanbul will be standing as a landmark contributing to urban life with its permanent exhibition spaces, library, children’s workshop, event hall, activity areas, restaurants, cafes and a temporary exhibition hall.

The museum building gives the impression of being carved out of a solid mass and has a low profile that communicates with the historic city walls nearby. Architect Alper Derinbogaz claims that massive slits on this mass invite visitors to a journey where they can follow the story of Istanbul as if they are wandering through the cracks of an archaeological relic.

Derinbogaz believes that Istanbul’s original geography has a leading role in the fate of the city and the new museum will reflect the traces of this geography. The structure, formed by a split of a whole is penetrated by a pedestrian bridge from this cleft that emulates the discrete morphology of the city, as if recalling the merits of the Istanbul topography divided by the sea. The museum serves a holistic and unusual experience that appeals to the senses not only by its fragmented form but also by means of its courtyard within, the terrace garden upon and varied openings around it.

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